11 thoughts on “Early Morning Airportery

  1. Last week I discovered that the Phoenix airport doesn’t believe in those maps that tell you what is where in the airport. Not meatspace ones, anyway.

  2. Who makes those ubiquitous airport seats? Same thing in every airport and whoever makes them must be rolling in the dough.

    And yes, the terminal maps in Phoenix Sky Harbor are useless, Was there last month.

  3. I was going to guess CLE, but the signage is the wrong color. CAK maybe? As a frequent traveler who works in the airport industry, I can say with confidence those chairs are pretty much everywhere. I have to walk right past some to get to my office at IAH. That shot could be from any airport in the US.

  4. Okay, we have the communications devices from Star Trek [aka cell phones]. Tablets are catching up to tricorders, now if we could just beam John to Whatever conference he needs to go to…

    Gotta remember to nag those geeks in the lab, they’re slackin’ off again!

  5. I’m going to guess that that’s the Dayton Airport (DAY), only because it’s the closest major airport to Bradford, and also, it doesn’t look to me like CVG or IND. But yeah, they pretty much all look alike. :-/

  6. Sir, I have departed from Dayton. I have arrived at Dayton. Dayton was a friend of mine. Sir, that is not Dayton International Airport. [Dayton has little Wright Brothers airplane images in their carpet]

  7. Yup, PDX (Portland International, in Oregon) has the same chairs but different carpet too.

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