8 thoughts on “My Brain is Not Braining at the Moment, So Here, Listen to Au Revoir Simone 80s-up Mazzy Star

  1. Interesting and cool remix, though I was hoping it’d be someone singing the lyrics in an 80’s style, instead of just adding more reverb. I mean, I could totally see this being sung in a Flesh for Lulu or Pyschadelic Furs kinda style, you know?

  2. Pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing. Last year I saw Au Revoir Simone open up for Broken Bells then saw Mazzy Star a month later. Wouldn’t have thought Au Revoir Simone could pull it off but this is a great take on the song.

  3. Nice cover.

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to watch the original, because the uploader on YouTube has decided not to make it “available in your country” (Australia, for the record). The digital fences are going up, I see.

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