Spring’s Final Clouds

Not a bad way for spring to say goodbye.

New Books and ARCs, 6/20/14

What’s hot and fresh in books and ARCs today, here at the Scalzi Compound. Tell me what you want on your own reading list, down in the comments.

Yog’s Law and Self-Publishing

Many years ago, writer Jim Macdonald postulated “Yog’s Law,” a handy rule of thumb for writers about the direction money is meant to flow in publishing: “Money flows toward the writer.” This is handy because it will give… Read More

Angry Robot Closes Strange Chemistry and Exhibit A Imprints

The news is here. If you’re an author with either of these two imprints, I would check your contracts for reversion clauses. Likewise, if I were the folks at Angry Robot, and were putting the books in these… Read More