Various and Sundry, 8/31/14 + Open Comment Thread

I’m home! For Two days! And so, a couple of things of interest: One, here’s a power wall of science fictional art, here in my office: From the left, that’s a black and white sketch of the French… Read More

Today’s Reason I’m Happy With My Publisher

A full-page ad in today’s New York Times magazine. This is pretty nifty. On my home today. Hope your Sunday is as excellent as mine has been so far.

View From the Hotel Window, 8/30/14: Decatur, GA

The window overlooks an inner courtyard. The people you see in it are probably authors, here for the Decatur Book Festival. It’s very festive! My event is at 4:15 in the Decatur Recreational Center Gym. Come by. It’ll… Read More

Lock In Through the Lens of Disability

Over at Huffington Post, writer David M. Perry takes a look at Lock In, with special emphasis on how disability matters are handled in the book — because, after all, the protagonist is someone who is “locked in”… Read More

View From the Hotel Window, 8/29/14: Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill is just a short jaunt from Raleigh, so I didn’t have to get in an airplane, I just got into a car and was driven. Hooray! Not that I don’t love air travel, mind you. But… Read More

View From the Hotel Window, 8/28/14: Raleigh

Overlooking a mall. There are worse views. Event tonight at 7:30 at Quail Ridge Books, here in Raleigh; if you’re in the Raleigh area I hope to see you there. If you can’t make it, tomorrow I am… Read More

The Big Idea: Kameron Hurley

Fresh off winning dual Hugos at this year’s Worldcon, Kameron Hurley is releasing The Mirror Empire, which is quickly garnering some of the best reviews for a fantasy novel this year, in part thanks to its startling and… Read More

View From the Hotel Window, 8/27/14: Austin, TX

I am particularly pleased to have a view that overlooks newspaper offices, being a former newspaper person myself. Also, the Austin American-Statesman has been promoting the heck out of my appearance here, so it is now my new… Read More

Today’s Thought Expressed on Twitter

Saw a few more posts about the Hugos this year and was going to respond but then my brain went SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP, so I think I'm done. — John Scalzi (@scalzi) August 27, 2014… Read More

View From the Hotel Window, 8/26/14: Houston

Hello, Houston! I made it into town more or less on time, had lunch at Goode Company BBQ, and am now relaxing in my suite with a view of the tennis/basketball court. Life is good. If you are… Read More

Lock In: It’s Out!

Today’s the day: Lock In is out! And because it is, now, in one handy post, here is everything you could possibly need to know about this book. The novel is getting some of the best reviews of… Read More

The Tour Baggage This Time

The Lock In tour lasts for four weeks, but the good news is that Tor arranged the tour so that I come home about once a week for a day or two. Aside from being an awesome thing… Read More

Comments Are Now Officially (Mostly) Closed Through September 21

As promised. If you missed why, here’s why, and for what entries comments will still be open for.

New Books and ARCs, 8/25/14

Just catching up before I head off on the book tour: Here are latest books and ARCs that have come to the Scalzi Compound. What here can you not live without having in your own library? Share in… Read More

The Doubleclicks Cover “Friday I’m In Love” Because I Asked Them To

And it is adorable. Also, they let you know about their upcoming tour, which you should go see them on; the song shows up immediately thereafter. You may recall that I also essayed this song a few months… Read More

On The Matter Of When to Buy Lock In and In What Format

Whenever a new book of mine comes close to a release date, I get emails and social media queries from folks asking me what format they should get the book in and when, in order to give me… Read More

Pre-Tour Procedural Bits

A bit of housekeeping here for folks. First, as most of you know, tomorrow I will be starting a fairly long book tour, one that ends on September 20 (there are a couple of dates past that, but… Read More

A Moment Of Recognition

It’s a beautiful, sunny August Sunday, I’m in my kitchen, listening to mellow music, just before heading off to do a bit of shopping for my book tour, at which I will get to see a bunch of… Read More

Some Lock In Reviews for Your Weekend Pleasure

As we go into release week for Lock In, a quick look at some reviews of the book from the last several days, all positive (hooray!): The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:  “[T]here must be magic (defined here as a… Read More

Henry Rollins Shows His Ass, Gets Told, Owns It

So, in the wake of Robin Williams’ suicide, Henry Rollins wrote a piece in LA Weekly called “Fuck Suicide,” in which he basically engages in a bit of “tough love” victim-blaming. This caused the world to drop on Henry Rollins’ head… Read More