31 thoughts on “My Next Album

  1. My next Victrola upgrade will be to accomodate stereophonic sound, just for this release.

  2. Dazzling!

    Can you work in a really awful “Dad” joke in this somehow? I can’t think of a way to tamper with the perfection you’ve achieved, but WTH? :)

  3. So much win here!

    My daughter (Athena’s age) is currently in Japan, so my father’s day was a message saying, “Happy father’s day, learned to play sanshin!”

  4. That couch looks really comfortable. I bet it’s one of those places where you sit down for a couple of minutes and then wake up a few hours later with no memory of falling asleep. I love couches like that.

  5. You seem like such a cool dad to a 60-something reader.
    I’m sure that’s a good thing, right?

  6. wiredog@8:24 – “Perhaps a ukelele version of “Battle of Evermore” to open the album?” – Please please please please please?

  7. @Robin Whiskers: The facial expression I love is Athena’s couchmate’s.

    I love the wear marks around the edges. This is obvy the classic, vinyl edition, right? The whole thing just totally rocks. Clearly published ca. 1968.

  8. I think all three of you deserve an Emmy or a Grammy or something for the perfect expressions. Priceless.

  9. @Troutwaxer: “I think we need a ukelele version of the The Immigrant Song!

    Followed by Smoke on the Water . . .

  10. I, too, love the BF’s expression most. “I really like Athena. I REALLY like Athena. I really LIKE Athena, BUT. I really like Athena AAAAAAARRRRGGGH!!!!!” Photograph taken between the last two sentences.

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