Another Thought on Comments

Here’s my going line on comments v. e-mail:

If you post a comment, I’m going to feel free to comment on it publicly, since, after all, it’s a public comment. I’ll either respond in the thread or if it’s especially interesting to me, make an entry out of it.

If you send me an e-mail about something I’ve written, I’m going to assume it’s private communication and will respond in e-mail only unless you’ve specifically noted it’s available for public comment and/or I’ve asked you to allow me to mention it and you’ve agreed.

So: Comments — public. E-mail — private. Either way, it’ll divert me from work. Mmmm… short attention sp– look! A pony!

4 Comments on “Another Thought on Comments”

  1. Wow, I one of my favorite sites for a few days and BAM! the wickedness that is movable type strikes again. Oh well, I approve of the changes. Less work for you means more time to write, means more good books and interesting posts for us fans out here. I can see no way in which this can end badly.

  2. Ha! Famous last words. But thank you. I’ve been enjoying it so far. It really *does* make it easier to write on the site, which I imagine in the long run will have its good and bad points.

  3. What the hell, Tolstoy? This is like “War & Peace II,” three or four paragraphs at a time.

    Jesus H.! Go to MT, and now you won’t/can’t stop. Got complaints because you’ve got too much paid writing and this might become a distraction? How about those of us who read? I mean, I have to go to work 2-4 days a week, 4-6 hours at a time. Part-time is a tough gig, you know?

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