A Little Something for the Video Game Geeks

Happiness is the 16th wave of the Unreal Tournament “Invasion” add-on, played on the Tokara Forest map, modified with Instagib sniper arena and low gravity.

That is all.

6 Comments on “A Little Something for the Video Game Geeks”

  1. Mmm… low gravity… but you can’t have low gravity without JumpMatch! (Or do they not have that in 2003? I ought to get that one of these days.)

  2. John..when the Mac version comes out, I’ll be the second to obliterate you..so use your time wisely and prepare…

  3. You know, when I’m stuffing rockets down your gullet TIME AND TIME AGAIN, I’ll just cut and paste those words to send to you on an automatic feed. It’ll be delicious irony.

    (mmmm… game geek trash talk!)

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