Daily Archives: April 9, 2003

Note to Canada

Dear Canada: Please stop shunting your cold-ass refridgerated Arctic air in my direction. You know I love you, but, damn. Thanks. Love and kisses, JS

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For the Record

As most of you know, I would rather attempt to swallow a live, angry wolverine in a single gulp than vote for George Bush for just about anything, much less President of the United States. I consider him basically an incompetent largely surrounded by smug apparatchiks of dubious morality. So you can believe me when […]

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Is It War?

Leaving aside the pedantic strategy of consulting a dictionary for a definition, here’s the question: Does what’s happening in Iraq actually qualify as a war in itself? I wonder. Primarily, it’s because the span of fighting has been awfully short. From first strike to occupation of Baghdad, it’s been three weeks. The “hard” part of […]

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