Daily Archives: April 28, 2003

Picture Day Part 6: Road to Nowhere

Jon asks: “Umm, where’s the fence? And the neighbor’s house that needs a paint job? How come I can’t see the car behind your neighbor’s garage with three flats and one wheel taken off? Why aren’t you showing us the crowded street with no parking spots available?” Actually, Jon, in that first picture (the one […]

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Picture Day Part 5: Bust a Move

Athena, showing the world the “I’m Four Years Old and Mugging for the Camera” dance, which I suspect is taught to every four year old through the magic of educational television: Bear in mind I have some shots here in which the “cute mugging for the camera” level reaches the level of lethality normally reserved […]

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Book Pages

A quick deviation from the Picture Day theme: Here’s the page on The Rough Guide to the Universe from Penguin UK. It’s already out there, so be sure to buy it if you happen to live there. Buy one for your neighbors, too. They’ll like you better then. Nothing on the Penguin Group (USA) Web […]

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