All But Merely an Empy Sky

I was playing with this, a script that generates a freeform poem beased on the text of a Web page you enter, and I had it generate a poem from my entry of 9/12/2001, which, aside from being about 9/11, is one of the more lyrical things I’ve written on this site. The resulting poem is surprisingly not bad, and eerily evocative in places. Here it is.

All but merely an empty sky
like this Nighttime eventually fell, and moon
had to observe, nearly anyone
anywhere in my daughter,
I did ask myself, Pandora unleashed
terrors upon the planes.
Eventually fell, and cheerful grace. Ironically, the
white noise of sky to celebrate that
surely my daughter who
loves to appreciate its blue
inverted bowl, set before
that there any in the
constellation of summer
with their cloud of
the major. We see that
singular sky, Before that singular sky,
like that. I
less than five minutes.

4 Comments on “All But Merely an Empy Sky”

  1. How about that. The sense of chaotic disruption is actually an effective structure here. I’ve yet to see a decent poem that’s been deliberately written on the subject, but, weirdly, this is one of the more moving pieces I’ve read.

  2. I was very surprised as well, not in the least because this was the first “poem” that popped out of the generator. Hitting the reload button on the browser created subsequent “poems,” none of which was even remotely as effective.

  3. for me, cry. I only a
    decade, and there was a fleeting
    Broken.corebreaks the ashes of
    some phone calls rather incomprehensible to
    those thoughtsThose thoughts those who
    by sheer improbablity that
    is very much memory….well
    and in the
    praticalites of fear.Tears of being

    It speaks for itself, really, doesn’t it?

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