Note From Athena

Dear Whatever Readers: Please excuse my dad from writing this Tuesday. He’s got a lot of work, plus if he doesn’t do his invoicing today, mommy will disembowel him and feed his entrails to the pets. So all told he’s kind of busy at the moment. But if you come back tomorrow, you will most likely find him, and hopefully large percentage of his intestine, still intact and prepared to amuse you.

Your friend,


11 Comments on “Note From Athena”

  1. Happily will I accept this excuse, especially when delivered by a diehard Powerpuff Girls fan (shirt *and* hat? very nice).

  2. Would your daughter -actually- use the word disembowel? If that’s not a forgery… I’m officially scared of you, and your whole family. Not really in a bad way (Hey, I like big words as much as the next raging geek who reads too much) but… still!

  3. Oh, I dunno… Seems to me we need some more disemboweling around here. It’s good for you, and it clears the sinuses. Builds moral character.

  4. I am glad to see somebody else is such a big fan of the Powerpuff Girls, Athena. (Who’s your favorite? Mine’s Buttercup.) And rest assured we shall excuse your dad’s disappearances as long as you keep delivering his absence notes.

  5. Dear Athena:

    Please tell your daddy that everyone who reads his blog will be happy to give him a day off any time he needs it — just as long as he promises to post another picture of you.

  6. Hell, I think Athena should get her own blog, rather than having to borrow John’s every once in a while. First, I’d hate for her to become pigeonholed in the “substituting for dad” niche, like Billy from (spit) Family Circus. And second, it would be a good way for her to communicate her desires to her minions as she plots world domination.

  7. Dear Athena:

    Tell your daddy we understand, and we’ll wait patiently until he can return, preferably with an intact GI tract.

    PS: Nice bear! DO you still have Paddington Bear?

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