Arty Spooky Athena

One of the most frequent notes I get in e-mail is to the effect of “it’s very nice that you prattle on endlessly about trivial things. But, you know, we’re just here for the pictures of Athena.” Fine, then. Have it your way. Your first picture of the day, hand-colored by Athena herself — yes, she can handle Photoshop. Yes, it scares me too:

The second is kind of a spooky one; I call this my “Sixth Sense” picture of Athena, in that you can just see her saying “I see dead people” in it:

Okay, that’s all you get for today. Now read something of mine. And be thankful.

3 Comments on “Arty Spooky Athena”

  1. Dear John – Without your daily dose of inane escapades, insightful commentary, and liberal humour and sarcasm, this site would not be worth visiting. We very much love your work, keep it up!

    P.S. – Don’t let this go to your head ;)