Me at 34.

No updates this weekend. I’m doing, you know, birthday stuff.

See you on Monday.

15 Comments on “34”

  1. You say its your birthday. Its my birthday too.

    Really it is.

    I just wanted to wish you a Happy 34th as I celebrate my 30th. I’ve been reading Whatever for over a year now and I love it. Found your site through Shelleyness, who is also a fellow May 10th person.

    Anyway, have a great birthday weekend!!!


  2. If you knew the date you were to die, would you celebrate your death day every year?

    I have pondered that for about 8 years now… still don’t have an answer


  3. Happy birthday, your Greg Madduxness.

    Oh, by the way, the color seems to have gone out in your office. You might want to call someone about that.

  4. Ah. 34. I remember 34.

    Oh wait. I am 34. But I’m almost 35.

    It seems very strange to be able to say that, FWIW. The mid-thirties used to seem so old. Now, baseball or football or basketball players my age are past their prime and people start wondering how many more “good years” they have left in them. And, of course, I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.

    ‘scuse me while I go hide in a corner.

    Happy Birthday. :)

  5. Happy Birthday! Cling to 34 with all your strength. Make them pry it from your cold dead fingers.

    Just kidding. I turned 35 this year, and it feels just like 25, if in fact I could remember 25. I remember 34 just fine. I think. What’s today? Where’s my breakfast? I need potty now. Nurse?

  6. My daughter shares this birthday day with you; she’s twenty-one today.


    (A week and a half ago I celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of my thirtieth birthday.)

  7. Happy birthday John, Jackie, and Jim’s daughter.

    (hmm, all Js)

    The sun is the same in a relative way but you’re older
    Shorter of breath, one day closer to death…

  8. Happy birthday, John. Just wait until you hit 42. No, shit, it’s 43! How did I get here?

  9. Dammit! I meant to call in happy birthday wishes earlier today.

    Happy Birthday (albeit a touch belated.)

  10. Mark, the string of J’s is even longer because my daughter’s name is Gillian and her friends all call her “Jill”

  11. Happy birthday, John. I’m just a little more than a year older than you, so you’ll always be able to point at me and say, “HA-ha!” By the time I start to resent it, I’ll be too old to do more than poke you feebly with my cane.

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