Daily Archives: May 19, 2003

Enter The Matrix Kinda Blows

I bought the Enter the Matrix video game, and I have to say that aside from whatever other qualities the game might have, it combines two of my least favorite things: a third-person perspective with a really clunky camera system, and the inability to save any where, any time. The first of these is aggravating […]

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Stubborn Kid

The picture at right serves two functions. First, for all the people who noted that I looked fairly scowly since I got the new haircut, it is proof that I am still capable of smiling, and not appearing as if I’m 12 hours in to a weekend prison furlough. Second, the picture captures a certain […]

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Contest Winner!

Thanks everyone for the many interesting entries in the contest to win The Rough Guide to the Universe. Here’s how it went: Third Place: “The Universe is a very short poem.” Very clever. And linguistically not incorrect. Second Place: “The Universe is ribbed for your pleasure.” This one cracks me up because, aside from comparing […]

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