Happy Family

Why are these people smiling? For the little girl in the center, who is named Andrea, it’s because her adoption papers finally arrived yesterday, which means she has documented proof that she is, you know, in my family. For the woman on the left, whose name is My Mom (and who is holding the aforementioned documents), it’s because she gets the benefit of having a new daughter without the inconvenience of passing said daughter through her body first (and good thing: Look at the size of that kid). For the guy on the right, who is named Robert My Stepdad, it’s because he can’t wait to pay to send Andrea to college! Look at that grin! Ah ha ha ha… heh. And all of them are happy because I took out the boring white wall they had been sitting in front of and replaced it with a groovy Photoshop sky. I’m just giving that way.

7 Comments on “Happy Family”

  1. Congratulations on the new little sister! And yay for your Mom, who gets all the fun of another little kid, without the biohazardous diaper duty!

  2. That is awesome! My SIL has adopted 2 little girls from China. I think it’s great!

  3. Adoption kicks ass– particularly when the kid being adopted is older than the cutely perfect baby that can be assimilated into the family unit with ease. It’s so hard for older kids to find a *family* rather than a foster home– your Mom and stepdad rock. You probably know that already, but there ya go.

  4. Yup, yup, yup — good on your mom, and just think of the Hours o’ Big Brother Fun(TM) you can have warping an impressionable young mind!

    And unlike with Athena, you don’t have to live with the consequences. Whee!

  5. Melanie’s comment set me off on a memory trip ($deity, that “memory” is a powerful drug…) re a performance by a standup comic I once heard. Something along the lines of:

    When I was a kid, my older brother would tease me mercilessly; to the point where I’d begun to hate him. But he’s got kids now! [wicked laugh]. Of course, being a dutiful uncle, I often visit them. Usually just before bedtime; I get ’em all riled up! Hey kids, want a lolly? Nah, nah, nah, try the red ones! Don’t they taste funny? Yeah. Can you say “guarana”?


  6. so . . . mommy wants the blue stuff, too! It would look much cooler to send out! Yes, we need congratulating! Not because we did such a great thing, but because we got the kid we wanted for John’s little sister. ‘Course, we’ll probably be too poor to send the little doll to college, so – another family member for you to help, big brother- we’re just giving that way!

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