Interesting Factoid

So, from early Friday morning, when I powered down my computer to head off to vacation, to 6am on Tuesday morning, when I am typing this, I have received just short of 1500 pieces of e-mail. Of which six were not spam. Incidentally, this latter number does not include the piece of mail I received from “”

If you don’t get as much spam as I do, well. Just you wait.

6 Comments on “Interesting Factoid”

  1. Ooof. I had to give up an e-mail account because of spam. I personally believe spammers should be taken out back and SHOT.

  2. The fact that spam is paid for by the recipient, and the spammers take advantage of that fact, really ticks me off!

    So, Maggie, if you shoot them I’ll tie them down and reload for you.

  3. Only about 50 a day for me, but I’m about to close my email address at because that’s all I get there. But before I do, I’m seriously thinking about harvasting the e-mail addresses and posting them on my Web site for the spam spiders to find. Let ’em get a taste of their own medicine, dam it!

  4. They have some programs that kill spam, as I’m sure you’re aware. I’ve heard good about Spam Assassin, which blocks the addresses instead of filtering content. It’s a lot like a twig against the tide, but still.

  5. this has eliminated spam for me. worth the time and money… positively. –

    andrew s. visitor

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