Oh, look: Someone crediting me for inspiring him to start a blog: POV:KevinQ2000 Blog. Go visit him and make him feel valued, why don’t you.

Does this mean that if you appeal to my vanity and say I’ve inspired you to write, that I’ll link to you? Maybe so. I’m not immune to flattery.

That’s a hint.

3 Comments on “Blogchild”

  1. Great, now I’m going to actually have to write something. It’s easy being a writer when there’s no threat of readership. Just kidding, thanks for the link.


  2. Ah, there’s nothing like the arrival of your first blogchild. I’ve got three myself, and even two bloggrandchildren. Believe me, what they say is true: bloggrandkids are more fun.

    And Kevin, welcome to the blogosphere. With inspiration like John, you’re off to a great start.

  3. Kevin,
    I’m happy to see this. We need more people willing to have rational discussions of issues instead of trading sound-bite jibes.

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