Gettin’ Bloggy Wit It

Just a quick note: Probably for most of this week, I’m going to be even more blog-esque than I have been recently, mostly on account of I have some longer stuff to write elsewhere, so my contributions here will most likely limited to five-minute swoop ins. But I figure I did enough brain-busting think pieces last week. This week I’m all about the quick, snarky comment. Variety. That’s what it’s all about.

In the absence of anything other interesting to say just this second, here’s a picture of Ghlaghghee, doing that cute kitty thing of trying to grab the cursor off my screen as it’s moving. Isn’t he so adorable you could just spontaneously combust. And he’s pretty darn cute most other times, although at the moment he’s climbing up my leg like it’s a tree trunk, and while that’s cute too, it’s also surprisingly painful. I like Ghlaghghee quite a bit, but I am hoping he’ll be growing out of the “attack anything that moves, especially at 3am” phase of his kittenhood real quick now.

Off to do other writing. Be back soon for other five-minute entries.

6 Comments on “Gettin’ Bloggy Wit It”

  1. “This week I’m all about the quick, snarky comment. Variety. That’s what it’s all about.”

    Geeze, you should just write about “Whatever”.

    Or at least name the column that.


  2. My Girlfriend’s cat (which despite the fact that she calls it “kitten” no longer is) still does that thing where it attacks anything that moves at 3am. Indeed, that seems to be the only time it wants to attack anything…


  3. Like the action pose on little Ghlaghghee. And in a related note, the spelling looks like the name of a Welsh action hero.

  4. If you start quoting the kitten, we’re going to have you checked for Lileks’ Disease. Chance of recovery improves as it turns into a cat, but if you give the kitten’s dialog cute mispellings, the disease has turned for the worst and you’ll have to be put down.

  5. I suggest renaming the cat to “ghlaghee”: since the “gh” in “enough” is equivalent to double-f (seriously: “enough” is cutesy-mispelled as “enuff”, not “enuf”), there’s no need for two “gh”s.

    Otherwise you’ve just got a cat called “fluffffy”, and really, who wants *that*?

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