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My personal order from my Caf Press store came in today, and I’m pretty pleased. First off, despite multiple spell-checkings, I was paranoid I had misspelled something somewhere, but I did not, so that was good. I got my myself my “I Hate Your Politics” White T-Shirt, my Athena Starchild Mouse Pad and the “I Hate Your Politics” Mug, and all came in nicely printed and legible — the last of these being of mild concern because, after all, there’s a lot of text on these things. Of all the pieces, I think the mug comes out looking the best, probably because it’s got a bit of color to it. I actually got two mugs because Krissy wants to take one to work — here’s hoping she doesn’t actually get fired for it.

Anyway, at this point if you feel you must buy a single John Scalzi product, I’d go for the mug. This is not to dissuade you from buying anything else, mind you, if you have your heart set on a t-shirt or the mousepad. But if you just can’t decide, go for the mug. If you feel like you can get through life without having something with my name on it, I’ll live. Somehow.

I’m giving some thought to adding more product, since it costs me nothing to do so and I’m vain. I’ll mull it over and let you all know what I decide to do. In the meantime, enjoy this picture of Ghlaghghee perusing my new mug and apparently objecting to something in, around, or about it. Can’t please everyone.

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  1. Something is wrong with the universe. It’s your store, yet I received my product yesterday, one day before you did.

    I also have to note that you have offened my Coke drinking tastes by drinking Vanilla Coke.

  2. Nonsense. Vanilla Coke, if used by experts and under close supervision, can be quite refreshing.

  3. Yeah, I’ve read it. I don’t see why he’s complaining, frankly. All you have to do at Cafe Press is provide designs, and they do all the printing and shipping, so the split is not so onerous if you think of it that way. I’d agree that Cafe Press charges more than I would prefer, but there’s much about their business model I don’t know, so I don’t know if their charges are exorbitant across the board. And anyway, I don’t see it realistically being what you’d call a profit center for me. I think the number of people who truly want John Scalzi stuff is probably fairly low.

  4. “I think the number of people who truly want John Scalzi stuff is probably fairly low.”

    Unless you are referring to stuff that John Scalzi writes, in which case I think you would want the number of people who truly want John Scalzi stuff to be fairly high….. :}

  5. Yeah, but that’s free. At least, the part here is. You should all run out and buy my books, though. Right this very second.

  6. Your cat is vain and can not forbare the coffee mug, which the kitty percieves as invading its territory. Every sip of coffee from your mug is misinterpreted as you kissing the mug. How many mornings in-a-row have you kissed the kitten? Hello. When the cat grows up he/she will realize the error of his/her youth. But until that stage of maturity like most household animals, oligarchy is it’s primary concern and is confused as to whether it’s an extended member of the family or just a pet or a wrist rest. Meanwhile, your mug might take some frequent flyer trips to the floor while you’re away from the computer for just a few minutes. The java level might rise for stranger reasons. Through sheer curiosity, the cat might already be high on caffiene if you’re naive enough to think the cat hasn’t already taken a few licks of coffee while looking at its own reflection.

  7. I would just like you to know that your kitten’s name has permutated into “Glangee,” in my mind, and probably nothing can be done to change that. Somehow I think this will please you. :)

  8. Come to think of it, “G’hlangee” is a pretty cool name for a cat.

    (apostrophe and ‘h’ arbitrarily inserted because I think it’d be cool to pronounce the “la” using the sort of breathy quality only available through a preceding ‘h’)

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