Impeachable You

The other day someone suggested that I had written that President Bush should be impeached for lying to the American public about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. I had not, nor do I at this time suggest we’ve gotten anywhere near the point of impeaching Bush on anything. I did say that if we impeached Clinton for lying about sex, it was not entirely inappropriate to grill Bush about the possibility he lied about WMDs. After all, everyone lies about sex. Lying about weapons of mass destruction occurs only within a rather more specialized population. But to be clear: No, no impeachment necessary. Just a straight answer from the Bush White House. Which is, alas, apparently asking a lot.

Which is not to say others aren’t seriously discussing whether impeachment is in the future: Here’s an article on it from John Dean, who knows a little about what happens when a President lies to the American public. It’s interesting reading: Dean comes to the conclusion that if the President did lie (and notes that this is a rather huge “if,” a position I agree with), “he is cooked.” And this would probably be true enough, regardless of whether he were impeached or not.

Although I’m not for impeachment, I will be clear on this much: Lying to the American public about the reason for starting a war is rather more of a legitimate excuse for impeachment than lying to the American public about getting a hummer. Anyone who suggests otherwise has his partisan head so far up his partisan ass that his utterances can be ignored as abject stupidity.

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