Next August in Toronto

Just an FYI for my friends, admirers and stalkers: After waiting a few weeks to see if Toronto would indeed become a plague area, I’ve gone ahead and made my reservations to attend Torcon 3, which is also and simultaneously the 61st World Science Fiction Convention. On Labor Day weekend, I and a couple thousand other SF geeks will descend on Canada’s most populous city to hand out Hugo awards, dress up like space creatures and hope for at least one prominent author to pour a drink over the head of another. Hope springs eternal.

For those of you attending, I’ll be camped out at the Fairmont Royal York, which is as I understand it the headquarters of the whole shindig. I paid a little extra to get one of the “Fairmont View” rooms, which from what I’m told are located on one of the higher floors (i.e., away from the convention anarchy), and feature lake views and a King-Sized bed. I briefly considered getting one of the Deluxe rooms on offer, which include a nice little anteroom (the Canadian dollar being what it is, I believe it could have been gotten such a room for an additional 63 cents American — just like SuperSizing your meal!), but then I realized that would fairly obligate me to actually have people into my room in a party sort of way, and I prefer to have my hotel rooms be places of rest. Which is not to say I won’t go to the other party rooms. Indeed, no. I’ll be there to schmooze.

(Before you ask if you can crash in my room: One bed, people. And I generally sleep nekkid. Oh, stop with the screaming. It’s not that bad.)

It’ll be an interesting timing to be at a convention for me, since I’ll be at an interesting stage between convention classes: My book has been sold but not yet published, so I’ll be The Invisible Author No One Knows About. I think this is kind of groovy state in which to be, because I’ll get to experience the con from the perspective of a fan and the perspective of an author (in the latter guise, I’ve been asked to participate in a couple of writing workshops — still trying to decide whether I should do those or not). And anyway, it’ll be my first convention. No matter what it should be, as they say, a true experience.

If you’re going, let me know.

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  1. I’m going. I look forward to meeting you– if possible. Maybe we should all wear I Hate Your Politics shirts; um, then again. Maybe not.

  2. The Royal York – nice hotel, John, and very centrally located, near the waterfront and across from the train station. A classic “prestige” railroad hotel from the pre-Depression era. Very stately. A real gem.

    Nice bar, and a pretty decent buffet lunch.

    Of course, if you want to see the REAL Toronto, you have a standing invitation to visit my neighbourhood…

  3. John,

    Good to “see” you on-line. It’s now 73 US cents for a loonie…

  4. Yikes! It is the second Sign of the Apocalypse. The first is John’s novel being published. The second is John going to the World Science Fiction Convention.

    See, that’s the reason for the SARS outbreak in Toronto. If John makes it to the convention then ultimate evil will be unleashed on the world. Just ask Jerry Falwell. SARS is God’s vengence on John for his wayward and decadent lifestyle.

    I think it was the sleeping nekkid that clinched it though.

  5. “SARS is God’s vengence on John for his wayward and decadent lifestyle.”

    It’s it’s God’s vengeance on *me,* he’s got some terrible aim, there.

  6. John,
    I don’t think I’m going, but I’m pretty sure I managed to live through the previous SARS outbreak in Toronto! So don’t get too worried.

  7. I’ll be there, too, and this year I actually get to do some programming apart from the SFWA Musketeer fencing demo (it’s GOOD to have friends on the concom).

    We’re staying in the Fairmont, as well, so if you see a whimsical bearded Brit talking with a bespectacled redhead in the lobby (and they’re both laughing like drains), come over and I’ll buy you a drink.

  8. “It’s it’s God’s vengeance on *me,* he’s got some terrible aim, there. ”

    Of course. He is notorious for his bad aim. Killing all the firstborn, wiping out whole cities. I think his motto is, “Kill ’em all and let Me sort ’em out.”

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