Daily Archives: June 16, 2003

Reader Request #2: Life Online

Reader Request Topic #2 comes from Rick McGinnis — who, incidentally, is a brand-new father to a brilliant baby girl, so give up the love for the man — who asks: Life online. I have my own thoughts, based on a website nearing its fifth anniversary. (Fifth? Sixth? I can’t remember just now – my […]

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Reader Request #1: The Middle East

Welcome to Reader Request Week, in which most entries will be on topics suggested by readers. Why? Why not? I’m still taking requests, by the way, and will be all week long. Put them in the comment thread here. Our first request, from “Ohako”: I’d like to hear you jaw on about the Middle East, […]

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Officially a Geek

My descent into the realms of total geekdom is complete (it was a short trip): I am now officially a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. I got my clubhouse pass this weekend in the form of the SFWA Forum, the in-house magazine of the group, in which my name was […]

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