Officially a Geek

My descent into the realms of total geekdom is complete (it was a short trip): I am now officially a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. I got my clubhouse pass this weekend in the form of the SFWA Forum, the in-house magazine of the group, in which my name was officially listed along with several other initiates. This means two things. First, the check for membership dues cleared. This is always a positive. Second, I’m in with the grownup version of the Geek Table in the high school cafeteria.

Excited? You bet. Geeks always have the best conversations; it’s something about being so involved with the life of the mind, whether or not that’s by choice. Sure, they may have some social and/or motor skills deficiencies, but, honestly now. Who doesn’t? Anyway, now I’m married. I don’t want a date, I just want to associate with other people of my geek writing tribe.

The only way I suppose I could be come any geekier would be to join Mensa, but since I think I rather file my teeth down to points and then tear out my own femoral artery than to do that, I’ll stay at my current geek status. It’s enough.

7 Comments on “Officially a Geek”

  1. Well, those are subsets of the larger “geek” classification, of course.

  2. Just one word of warning — no matter what enticements they dangle, no matter how they play on your sense of community service, don’t offer to run for President of SFWA. Just. . .don’t. You’ll thank me later for this.

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