Daily Archives: June 17, 2003

Reader Request #5: Jealousy

Question from Matthew Rider, and a nicely provocative one, as today just coincidentally happens to be Krissy’s and my 8th anniversary: “Jealousy, and I guess as a part of that your relationship with your wife. You’ve recently mentioned ex-girlfriends a couple times and on indiecrit have mentioned that if you weren’t already with your wife […]

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Reader Request #4: Testing Preschoolers

Reader Alina asks my opinion on a wacky thing they’re doing out there in New York City: Testing kids to get them accepted to elite preschools. She writes, in part: “Basically, in New York City, three and four year olds take the ERB’s or, as I call them, Baby SAT’s, which you then submit to […]

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Reader Request #3: TV

Okay, here’s one from Wendell, who wants to know about my television habits. He writes: You’ve written little about the beloved Idiot Box (TV) in your years on the Whatever (I Googled to make sure there wasn’t something I’d missed that you’d already done), awarding “The Simpsons” the title of Best TV Show of the […]

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