Whoo Hoo!

The first review I’ve seen of The Rough Guide to the Universe, and it couldn’t get much better:

“It’s difficult to avoid the cliché, ‘If you could only buy one book… ‘ when this book is the topic of conversation. Anybody with even a smidge of interest in astronomy should have this book on hand, novice and expert alike, no question about it.”

Read it for yourself. Having a positive review of this particular book is a huge load off my mind, I have to tell you.

4 Comments on “Whoo Hoo!”

  1. remember me?

    But John, I reviewed your book. In fact, you commented on my review. This is discrimination against the Blogger, isn’t it? Sure, if I were still a member of the press, I wouldn’t be treated like this… (In case it…

  2. That’s a great review, congratulations! It even makes me want to buy the book, and I hadn’t realised I was that interested in astronomy…