Day Off

I’m taking the day off. Why? Cause I feel like it! Yeah, that’s right — I have no compelling reason not to write here today except that I don’t wanna. I think I’m gonna play video games instead. Mmmm… pixellated violence.

You all have a swellacious day, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

3 Comments on “Day Off”

  1. I am having a swellacious day, thank you. We’re now under contract to buy a fabulous house that we found over the weekend. My happiness is tempered by being in the 8th day of having a kidney stone, but it ought to be gone sometime tomorrow (not in the most pleasant way, unfortunately….but then, is there much that can be pleasant about having a kidney stone? I think not.)

    I am also happy because my latest Amazon shipment came, containing a copy of Shchedrin’s Carmen Suite, which I have loved ever since hearing the San Jose Symphony perform it a few years ago (before they went bankrupt — how weird is it for a city of 900,000 to not have a symphony?) Plus, I just finished Harry Potter 5, which is, I think, the best of the lot so far.

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