Daily Archives: June 26, 2003

Sodomy For Everyone!

I’m sorry, I really have nothing to add on the matter of the Supreme Court ruling. I just wanted to say, “Sodomy For Everyone!” Because now we can all sodomize any consenting adult we choose in the privacy of our own home. And while mutually consenting sodomy is not what one traditionally thinks of as […]

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Support Lileks

Just a quick note: Readers of James Lileks’ Bleat know by now that his wife just got canned from her job, and today’s Bleat shows the typical uncertainty one goes through when one’s household income takes a big hit. Glenn over at Instapundit has suggested everyone hit James’ tip jar; I second that emotion. Back […]

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What I’m Writing When You’re Not Looking

My mind is a complete and total blank at the moment, and later, I’m off to have my teeth cleaned. So in lieu of writing something new here, allow me to provide you a glimpse of what I’m writing when I’m not here — this chunk of text from my in-progress novel, which for the […]

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