Sodomy For Everyone!

I’m sorry, I really have nothing to add on the matter of the Supreme Court ruling. I just wanted to say, “Sodomy For Everyone!” Because now we can all sodomize any consenting adult we choose in the privacy of our own home. And while mutually consenting sodomy is not what one traditionally thinks of as a thing that Makes America Great, it certainly does Make America Slightly More Interesting During Drunken Games of “I Never.” And that’s almost as good.

7 Comments on “Sodomy For Everyone!”

  1. Kang(?): Abortions for all!
    Republicans: BOO!
    Kang: Abortions for none!
    Democrats: BOO!
    Kang: Okay, abortions for some, miniature American flags for others!
    All: YAY!

    (your sodomy comment just reminded me, is all, of a similarly (though in this case not bafflingly) divisive issue)

  2. So, they had laws against it before, but honestly, would anyone want to gather the evidence recquired to try (sp?) such a case? “And if the jury will direct their attention to the video we’re about to play, . . .”

  3. Great subject line for a post!! Hits the old nail right on the head. I was wondering if the Texas law that Clarence Thomas said was silly was passed in jest? I believe it made sodomy illegal only on Thursday. Thursday, when I was growing up in the South, was called Queersday and if you wore green(?) on that day then that meant you were queer. Being an innocent little kid, I thought being queer at that time meant being “odd”. In those days, I couldn’t even picture in my mind two guys or two women kissing each other.

    I never wore green on Thursday let-me-tell-you. How in the world did that custom get started anyways?

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