A Free Tip

Don’t eat Honey Mustard Pretzel Nuggets just before going to bed. Tasty through they may be, they don’t go away. Even with repeated brushing. And when you wake up in the morning — well. You don’t want to go there. That’s my tip for you today.

3 Comments on “A Free Tip”

  1. You know, . . . .

    Ah, hell, I’m coming up dry.

    You pitched it up there, I’m sure you did, but I just can’t seem to hit it. Too early, I guess.

  2. (warning: this comment is *rude*)

    “Come ‘ere, I’ll give you something to get rid of that taste.”

    (a little bit of sick humor my friends and I throw about.)

  3. Heh, already know that one. Though pretty much all those tasty little Pretzel Nuggets will do that. Plus, I’ve found that they leave a nasssssty aftertaste in your mouth the next morning. Sort of like a hangover for your taste buds, I guess….

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