A Heads Up

Okay, kids, I’m telling you this now so you can’t say I didn’t give you advance warning: It’s probably very likely that during the month of August I’m going to take a break from the Whatever. I mentioned about a month ago that I might do something like this if I started feeling pressed for time with my book projects. As it happens, both projects are coming along nicely — which is to say both the novel and Book of the Dumb are about where I need them to be in terms of output — but I have a couple of other things I’m likely to want to do during that month, which may actually involve getting paid(!) and the time’s got to come out of something for which I’m currently not getting paid, which means, you know, this (I would stop writing IndieCrit, but I already did that last month, and taking another month off would definitely halt the flow of free CDs I so very crave).

Now, it may be possible that I won’t take off August, depending how efficiently I manage my time here in July. But right now I’m forecasting a 75% probability. But I can promise you this: If I do take the time off, It’ll be for a very good reason, and I’ll share the results with you as soon as I can. So everybody wins.

Anyway. You have 31 days to steel yourselves. Make your preparations now.

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