Buy Pamie’s Book

Pamie doesn’t need my help, but I’m going to help anyway: You should go buy her book Why Girls Are Weird, the cover of which I will now show you:

Today is its first official day of release. You should get it because it’s funny, because it’s well-written, because it’s full of that whole 21st Century 20-something frisson you dig so much, and because Pamie puts me in the acknowledgments by saying “John Scalzi, it’s your turn.” This sounds like I’m next in line for assassination or something along that line, but it’s more of a “get your novel published and join the club” sort of thing. Which is really sweet and, as it happens, largely temporally correct, since my novel’s coming out next year.

Unless Pamie does mean to assassinate me. She always did have that covert look about her.

4 Comments on “Buy Pamie’s Book”

  1. Yeah, I’m plugging her myself today. That book is excellent.

    And yeah, I thought, “Heh, she wrote “It’s your turn” before your book even got sold! Does she call it or what?”

  2. My copy of Pamie’s book showed up last night, and I stayed up until midnight finishing it (the last half hour sitting on the floor in the bathroom so the light wouldn’t keep my husband awake). So today I’m beat, but it was worth it.

  3. She’s great. I’m reading the book now, and actually laughed out loud at the Hugh Grant letter and the Tae Bo entry. I /never/ do that.

  4. Finally read it. Finished it in two days.


    That’s all I can think to say.


    (Now waiting for you, Scalzi. Can’t wait. Lost the ability to use first person pronouns.)

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