On Second Thought

Remember what I said about taking August off? Scratch that. I’m actually going to take July off.

Well, maybe not the entire month. But probably a lot of it — there may be several days between updates. There’s just stuff I need to be doing.

So there you have it. From now through August 1, checking in daily will probably not be necessary; a couple times a week should do you just fine.

Have fun with July. Try not to blow yourselves up on Friday, okay?

3 Comments on “On Second Thought”

  1. …can’t…stop…checking…every…few…minutes…must…resist…clicking…bookmark….*!

  2. Damnit, I was all primed and pumped for it to be next month, and now… now… *sniffle*… I… I… I can’t take it! Aaaargh!

    *jumps out window*
    *lands outside, for window was open and it’s only a few feet, the drop I mean, not the window*

    What happens on Friday?

  3. Could you have an ‘open’ thread while you are out for the rest of us to hang out in? Like _Jon, I also seem to need my daily fix, although I notice when I got busy I had no problem leaving y’all for awhile.

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