Radio Appearance Update

Here’s the latest on my appearance today on Calgary talk radio station CHQR: It’ll be at 4:30 Eastern (1:30 Pacific), and you can tune in from the Internet by going to the radio station’s home page. Here’s the link.

I promise to be entertaining. Or your money back.

7 Comments on “Radio Appearance Update”

  1. Dang-it, I can’t get the “listen live” feature to work on my dinosaur of a PC. Drat! and Double Drat!

    Hey, you going to the Cleveland thing again this year? I won’t know whether I’m going until I show up.

  2. No, I can’t make it this year — we’re going to a concert the next night and I can’t do the whole “drive across the state and then come back” thing and still be conscious for that.

  3. Wow… you’re one of those people who don’t sound AT ALL like what I’d expect. Weird. (The situation, not how you sound.)

  4. Oh, hell, put me on the spot. I dunno… I thought your voice would be deeper, for one. And that you wouldn’t sound so, how do I put this, Californian-y. No, not like from the Valley, but just very distinctly Californian. (Married to a chick from SoCal, I know of whence I speak.)

    The truly odd thing is that I’ve heard you sing, so you’d think I know what you sound like when you talk. Nope.

  5. Heh. Well, I am from California, so there is that.

    I did notice I was talking both a little faster and a little higher than I normally do, which I attribute to not haing done public speaking in a while. But my speaking voice is definitely higher than my singing voice in any event. There is indeed a strange kind of disconnect going on there. It was one of the reasons why in high school I kept gettingplaced with the tenors in chior when I should have been in with the basses.

  6. “I promise to be entertaining. Or your money back.”

    Good News John, no refund required. That line about Quayle being low hanging fruit was great. You were well worth having to endure an afternoon of QR77 listeners calling in.
    I look forward to reading “The Book of the Dumb,” even if it only has one story about a Canadian.