Monthly Archives: July 2003

The Scalzi River is Back

We’ve been having a mess of rain here the last few days — two massive thunderstorms in the last four hours alone, including one that knocked off the power for a few minutes — and the oversaturation of the ground means that the Scalzi River has made a return appearance. The Scalzi River shows up […]

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Random Thoughts

As part of my jumble-minded, occasionally-updating self, here are a few random thoughts, notes and comments for you. * Part of the reason I’m planning to slack off here is that I’m putting th gas down on the book projects, particularly Book of the Dumb, for which I have the goal of basically doubling my […]

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On Second Thought

Remember what I said about taking August off? Scratch that. I’m actually going to take July off. Well, maybe not the entire month. But probably a lot of it — there may be several days between updates. There’s just stuff I need to be doing. So there you have it. From now through August 1, […]

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Buy Pamie’s Book

Pamie doesn’t need my help, but I’m going to help anyway: You should go buy her book Why Girls Are Weird, the cover of which I will now show you: Today is its first official day of release. You should get it because it’s funny, because it’s well-written, because it’s full of that whole 21st […]

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A Heads Up

Okay, kids, I’m telling you this now so you can’t say I didn’t give you advance warning: It’s probably very likely that during the month of August I’m going to take a break from the Whatever. I mentioned about a month ago that I might do something like this if I started feeling pressed for […]

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