Daily Archives: August 8, 2003


So, I’m sitting here on my porch, playing with my new computer, watching an Amish horse and buggy go by. It’s just me, but there’s something resonant about that, not in the least because the guy using the new technology is sitting still, while the ones using traditional tools are on the move. Does it […]

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I’m Kinda Boring at the Moment

In the comments thread of the last entry, Ed Thibideau asks: A fascinating post. But why don’t you ever write about political and social issues any more? That’s what brought me here. But Whatever is rapidly falling to the bottom of my daily surf list. Gore made a great speech yesterday. What did you think […]

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Fun With Tablets!

Hey, everybody! I’m entering this with the pen of my new tablet pc! Whee! I’m like a performing monkey! Okay, enough of that. Pecking out words with your pen is fun and all, but it’s also really inefficient. I was using the little onscreen keyboard that comes with the tablet PC; I tried doing the […]

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