Teeth. Tablet. Blog. Teeth.

I am nothing if not efficient. I was at the dentist this morning to get not one, not two, but three cavities filled. How does this make me efficient? Well, they were all on the same tooth. “You’ve got one on the front, one on the side, and one on the back,” my dentist explained, which leads to an interesting mental image of the tooth barely hanging on by one side, yelling “a little help here” to the other teeth.

Well, it’s been helped now, and my mouth feel like it’s been used like a freeway onramp. My dentist had me open my mouth so wide that I swear he was going to climb right in; I’m going to have a sore mouth for about a week. Try not to fall all over yourselves to give me sympathy.

But enough about my pain. I’m here to talk about my new toy, my Tablet PC, which is more fun than a computer ought to be because I’m a big fat smelly dork. A friend asked me what I thought about it and I replied. “It’s the shizznit. It’s the mad bomb.” To which he said “You know you sound like an ass when you use that sort of slang.” And of course, he’s correct. There are laws about using slang after you’re 30. But, damn it, it is the mad bomb. Really, there’s no other way to put it, and that’s fo’ shizzle.

As promised I’m using it to do work on the new AOL blog (you can see it at the bottom of that screen there), and it’s coming along nicely, I have to say. Right now I’m putting in the “background” articles, which include bio information, suggestions for how to start writing AOL Journal entries, a mini-“help” doc, and two “Blog Jogs” — basically lists of interesting blogs and journals that new AOL Journal writers can look at for inspiration and personal interest. For now, at least, these Blog Jogs are filled with the usual suspects (Instapundit, for example), because there’s a reason they’re the usual suspects. And of course, if you’re new to it all, they’re new to you. But as time goes by I’ll be dropping more quirky stuff into the mix. After these “background” pieces are done I’ll be doing actual entries. That’s going to be in a few days since it’s supposed to go live next week. It’s fun.

All right, now my mouth is really starting to hurt. Time for aspirin.

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