It’s Official

Starting today I’m officially blogging for AOL. The blog is called By The Way… and is viewable here. This is a permanent link, so feel free to bookmark it.

To recap what this means:

1. Yes, most of the time I’ll be writing over there, at least through the length of my AOL contract. Because, after all, they are paying me. And as it happens, I am contractually obligated to provide at least five entries a day over there, so I’ll be writing a fair amount. You’ll enjoy the quantity.

2. No, the Whatever is not going to be abandoned. By The Way… is meant to do certain things, and my I figure my job there is not alienate and confuse the readers. So you will see me be (somewhat) more moderate there. That’s my decision, by the way, not one imposed on me by AOL. The Whatever will serve as my heat sink, and I will continue to rant and rave at least a couple times a week.

So as to make sure there’s no assumed or presumed connection between what I do there and what I do here, I’m not even linking to myself from there to here. So ironically of all the online writers who will be missing out on the deluge of AOL members, one will be me. At least here.

I hope you will, however, visit both sites. This should be a lot of fun.