A Coke Out of Nostrils Experience

“Romeo and Juliet is a Goddamn timeless template. I saw it set in Ireland with an all female cast and it still worked, one family was all lesbians and one was all dinosaurs. You just can’t fuck it up. You dab your eyes at the end and wonder what is so wrong about the love of a lesbian for a dinosaur.”

Every once in a while someone tells me my writing reminds them of Tycho’s from Penny Arcade. And you know what? I take it for the huge compliment that it’s intended to be. The only reason I can think of that the dude hasn’t written a novel yet has to do with attention deficit disorder. Too many years playing video games or something.

I’ll tell you what. The guy writes a novel, I am so there for the first copy.


I just expunged a comment on the previous post where someone posted an advertisement for themselves which was totally irrelevant to the post in question, and then about a week ago I expunged a comment that was nothing more than hyperlinks to porn sites (made somewhat less effective because I’ve turned off html in comments), so this is a not-so-gentle reminder to everyone:

Comment threads are for comments at least tangentially related to the original posting.

If the comment doesn’t have anything to do with the post, I’ll yank it. I say so in my Comment Thread Rules, so I don’t feel bad about doing it. And if you keep at it, I’ll ban you from posting, because clearly you can’t learn and therefore must be treated like a dumb animal.

I rather regret to say I suspect that comment threads are the next frontier for spam, and it’ll be another example of assholes ruining a good thing for the rest of us. All the more reason for all spammers to be dismembered, painfully, and spitted upon pikes as a warning to other spammers. Nothing like crows feasting on the rotting flesh of a penis-enhancement pill salesman to make an impression. But short of that, I’ll police my comment threads rigorously.