Radio Interview

Wanna hear me on the radio? I’ll be on tomorrow (that’s Friday, 9/19) at 5:20pm (Eastern) on KFTK, St. Louis (97.1), on the Dave Glover show. I’ll be talking about Book of the Dumb. Streaming audio is here.

If you miss it, I’ll be doing several more interviews over the course of the next month, ahead of the release of the book in the last couple of weeks of October; we’ve got four more lined up already and quite a few more in the pipeline (and I did one earlier this week that I didn’t tell any of you about. Sorry). I love the publicist for this book; she’s really busting her hump. Of course, it helps that stupidity is a perfect subject for talk radio.

I should also note that it’s available for pre-order on Amazon right now, and that, no, that’s not the actual cover of the book on that page, and thank God for that.

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