Interview Mania!

If you really have an itchin’ and burnin’ to hear me on the radio, you’ll have four — count them, four — chances to do so next week: Three on Monday and once on Tuesday. Here are the dates, times and stations:

Monday, October 13, 7:40 AM EST
Ft. Myers, FL

Monday, October 13, 9:10 AM EST
Davenport, IA

Monday, October 13, 4:00 PM EST
Huntington, WV (Tri-state region of OH, KY, and WV)

Tuesday, October 14, 8:45 AM EST
Houston, TX

The bad news is, alas, none of these stations appears to Webcast, so unless you live in their broadcast area, no Scalzi for you.

The occasion of this media blitz is Book of the Dumb, which is supposed to be in stores this very next week. Whether it will be is another matter, since the book was only sent to the publishers on Friday. So if you see it on the shelves somewhere next week, color me hella impressed. But if not this week, then next week. No matter how you slice it: Soon. Very soon.

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