I For One Welcome Our New Preschool Overlords

Meet Mingette the Merciless, your new galactic empress:

Mingette wishes her loyal subjects to know that she intends to begin a reign that will bring peace and prosperity and hardly any beheadings! Well, so long as everyone keeps in line. You know how it is.

This costume is supposed to be a vampire costume, but I think it’s much better suited for universal domination, don’t you? Now all we need is to get someone in her preschool class to run around as Flashette Gordon. And the best thing is, when we switch Dale Arden over to a boy, he can keep the name unchanged! I love it when a plan comes together.

In answer to your queries, yes, I am a geek, yes, I have too much free time and yes, I imagine I’ll be horribly embarrassing to Athena as she gets older. But for now, just let me have my Photoshop fun, okay? Thanks.

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