Procedural Stuff

Some things:

* My contract for By The Way was picked up again by AOL, so I’ll be doing that for a few more months at least. This is really good news. I’ve enjoyed doing it, and I’ve enjoyed watching the community of AOL Journalers coalesce and grow, and have some hand in that development. I think we’ve had a good start, and I’m looking forward doing more with both the company and the AOL Journalers. Also, it keeps me from having to look for much in the way of drudge work to pay bills, and that’s just a bonus for me. So yay, and thanks to AOL. Being a pro blogger is fun.

* But the most exciting employment news in the Scalzi household belongs to someone else. No, not Athena. She’s still refusing that contract for work in the salt mines. No, I don’t know why. No, the big news is with Krissy, who got a promotion at work and is now Head of Support Services. Yes, she’s a boss. She’s the man, yo. And they even thought to pay her more, which is nice. I’m fabulously proud of her, of course. Between the two of us, we’re finally scrabbling our way into the middle class! Oh, wait. At the very least, we’re even more petty bourgeoisie than we were before, and considering the minivan, think about what that means.

* Look, it’s the cat, drinking out of the toilet!

I have nothing to add to the picture here, but I write about it at By The Way.

* Question for Mac iTuners, or PC iTuners who are more technologically advanced than I am: I’m using iTunes to listen to CDs, and generally it’s perfectly fine — but it pauses every time the CD drive spins up (I believe it also does this when one of the hard drives spins up). What’s up with that? And is there anyway to create a buffer so the music replay is not interrupted? I already looked through the preferences and set the streaming buffer to “Large” but I don’t know if that relates to the CD player and in any event, it hasn’t stopped the pause.

That’s it.