A Scalzi Christmas Update And Radio Note

Donation update: As of 11:34 am EST on 11/11: $282.96. Very nice. Several people have also donated rather more than the suggested contribution — thanks very much to you for that. I think we’re well on our way.

Now comes the hard part — the continual (and hopefully not too annoying) flogging of the project. Glenn Reynolds and Andrew Sullivan were kind enough to provide links yesterday, so I got a lot of traffic from the both of them (as well as from Joanne Jacobs, who linked too). I’ll undoubtedly grovel to other bloggers and journalers for links as well before I’m done. So if you see me popping up unexpectedly in your e-mail queue begging for a link, you’ll know why. Please don’t toss me out with the spam.

Mind you, if you want to link without me groveling, by all means do so: Here’s the link:


You can even use the little graphic I made. Sure, go ahead and link to the picture on my site. I don’t mind. I pay for oodles of bandwidth. Besides, others link to graphics on this site all the time. A few weeks ago, a fetish community called “Bound in Stripes” linked to a graphic on the site here, which, as you may imagine, was rather surprising to me.

Radio: In about half an hour I’ll be doing an interview on Book of the Dumb for the The Bill Handel show for KFI in Los Angeles. However, don’t rush to your radios, Los Angelenos; It’s being taped to run sometime next week. So should you hunker down in front of your radio all next week, waiting for the sound of my voice? Well, if you must. Ob my end, however, it’s more to the point that if you suddenly hear me emanating from your speakers of a morning, you won’t be too surprised.