Daily Archives: November 20, 2003

Meanwhile, In An Alternate Universe…

I don’t know how many of you read the Whatever and then forget to drop by By the Way, but if you don’t go over there, you miss me doing bite-size commentary on various things such as (in the last couple of days): Deep frying turkeys, the recent Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees, […]

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Remember the Literacy Drive

I’ve collected just a few cents short of $460 for my A Scalzi Christmas Literacy Drive, and I think it would be simply groovy if I cracked $500 by Thanksgiving. So tell everyone you know about it. Remember: In exchange for a suggested $3 donation, I will provide you the password for a Web site […]

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What Online Music Means

glenn mcdonald has a cogent if typically long meditation on iTunes this week at The War Against Silence, which I encourage you to read. He touches on several topics including the long-term repercussions of selling music online, both for Apple and the world in general, and suspects it will change the way things get done […]

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