That Was Interesting

I was just contacted by Parade magazine (you know, the one that comes inside your Sunday Paper) for its annual How Much People Make feature. Apparently they were looking for someone to represent how much a blogger could make working fulltime in that capacity. I told the reporter that I suspected I probably wasn’t a good representative sample of that, as my income as a paid blogger (through AOL Journals) is only part of my overall take as a more general freelance writer and author. I suggested others who might be more representative, including Nick Denton (who can refer the reporter to the various people who run his sites) and Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade, who, if not traditional bloggers (and let’s pause for a second to consider the state of affairs which allows one to be able to use the phrase “traditional bloggers”), are basically pulling down their income from their Web site.

Regardless, I imagine this reporter will be able to find someone who will better fit his description for the article. And you bet I’m interested in know how much he or she makes. I want to see how my blogging income stacks up.

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