Head’s up for everyone: I expect December to be positively packed with projects that I need to shove out the door in order to assure I and my family don’t spend 2004 eating nothing but Top Ramen and whatever I can scrounge out of the dumpster behind Patty’s IGA grocery store here in town. And you know what that means: The likelihood of fewer and/or shorter Whatevers for the month of December.

However: I will continue to blog daily at By The Way, on account that’s what I’m paid to do over there, so if for some reason you’re reading the Whatever and still haven’t added BTW to your bookmark list, now’s a swell time to do that. Oh, go on. We’ll have fun! Or your money back.

I don’t imagine December will be entirely bare around here, but I do expect it to be somewhat thin, and for the usual reason of when I have to buckle down and actually get some paid writing done (and potential paid writing projects pitched) the thing that must sadly need to suffer is the one thing I’m writing for free. This is life of the pro writer: Sometimes, even writers gotta work.