Wrapping Up

The final tally for my literacy drive was $726.04 — not a bad sum. I’ve got a call into Reading is Fundamental right now to see if there’s a way to send the amount to them directly through PayPal; if not, I’ll simply cut them a check and mail it off. But since the whole thing was handled electronically to this point, I’d like to go ahead and finish that way too. Call it the obsessive-compulsive in me.

I’d like to say thank you to everyone who contributed to this; I’m happy to say the average donation was above the suggested $3, with several people donating rather substantial multiples of that amount. I do hope that each of you enjoyed the stories I wrote in exchange for your contributions; I had fun writing them. And of course I’m glad that the end result of our mutual efforts will be books for kids. That’s a great gift to be able to give. So once again: Thanks very much.

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