Mama Blogs

Here’s how I know blogs have reached that critical level of mass acceptance: My mother has just inaugurated her blog, Musings From Mexico. The title comes from the fact that my mother lives in Mexico, where she runs a mission dedicated to providing a safe home to at-risk Mexican children. She’s like Mother Teresa of Baja California. I’m hoping she’ll put in a good word for me with, you know, the big guy. I think it helps that I actually helped her set up her blog. Look at me, acting all technical-ish and stuff.

I do encourage you all to drop by my mom’s new blog digs and welcome her to the blogosphere, but I note to you that if you’re expecting a female version of me, you’re likely to be surprised as in many ways we’re different, not in the least because I am quite agnostic and she is quite Saved (and no, before you ask, the latter has very little to do with the former, as mom got saved after I was already in college). She is in all sorts of ways very much her own person — that much we do have in common, anyway.

So there you have it. Go say hi to my mom, why don’t you.

(P.S. — if you do go say hi, don’t call her “mama Scalzi.” She’s married now to a very nice man named Robert Perez. Say, “Hi, Mrs. Perez!” or, if you’re feeling saucy and latin, “Hola, Seora Perez!” She speaks Spanish, you know. Go ahead, try it out on her!)

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