They Say Phenylalanine Does Things to Your Brain

Sometimes, when a Diet Coke and a Minute Maid Light Lemonade really love each other, they’ll ignore all the naysayers who demand that their passion for each other be kept a dark, desperate secret, and flaunt their desire for each other for all to see. And sometimes, through the purity of their love, a fruit of their love blossoms:

I, for one, applaud any Light Lemonade and Diet Cola — regardless of brand affiliation — who have the personal courage to stand up to the bluenoses and puritans who say that caffeinated and non-caffeinated beverages should keep to their own kind. What do they know? If that cola and that creme soda had not bravely stood up to restrictive social mores, the world would not have known the joys of Vanilla Coke. And we would all be poorer for it.

So gaze, if you will, on the face of Diet Coke with Lemon. It’s more than just another beverage. It’s the face of the New America. I salute it. I salute us all.

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  1. Lime Diet Coke and Clark Bars

    JDW was drinking a new Diet Coke with Lime last night, and said that it isn’t bad. Personally, I greatly prefer black coffee and unsweeted iced tea to Coke (or “soda” or “pop”), but Diet Coke’s OK, and limes aren’t…

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