Daily Archives: February 20, 2004

Fake Cover, Real Book

I got a couple of e-mails asking for a better look at the cover I made for my CafePress run of The Android’s Dream. So, here you go: It was made by fusing together a picture of a sheep pasture in New Zealand with a picture of the Whirlpool Galaxy by the Hubble in Photoshop. […]

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I Am Married

I keep hearing how allowing gays to marry threatens marriage. Fine. Someone tell me how my marriage is directly threatened by two men marrying or two women marrying. Does their marriage make my marriage less legal? Does their love somehow compromise the love I feel for my wife, or she for me? Is the direct […]

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Get Me Rewrite

I’ve terrified Tamar with a comment I made in the Novel Postmortem thread, so it’s worth clarifying. In the comment thread for the entry, John Popa asked: “As an aspiring-to-be-published writer, I’m curious as to how much rewriting you expect from this point? How ‘done’ is this ‘done?’” My response, in part: I rewrite only […]

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